Get a Free Playstation 3

Everyone has heard of getting stuff for free, but this is a system that actually works! You can get literally get Anything you want from these networks of sites. I have recieved over $1000 worth of freebies in my first month alone. If you need any assistance feel free to contact us through LIVE Support

How to get a Free Playstation 3

100's of Free Playstation 3s have been shipped and you can get one too!

Get a Free Playstation 3

Like everyone says nothing in life that is worth getting is "free", but with a little bit of work you too can get a Free Playstation 3, but if you dont believe it, go to our Freebie Info page.

If you need any help feel free to contact us through Live Support or leave a comment, and I will respond asap.

So how can you get a Free Playstation 3 too? Its simple as 1, 2, 3...

Get Free Playstation 3Sign up

Choose one of these easy to complete Free Playstation 3 sites:

Simply Enter your Name and your address where they will ship your Free Playstation 3

Get Free Playstation 3 Complete one easy offer:

(First off: If at any time you feel confused simply contact me, and I can help you through the process. It can feel overwhelming the first time, but once you do it once, you will feel like a freebie pro.)

Setup your browser (Internet Explorer of Mozilla Firefox)

  • First clear all cookies
    -Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies and Delete Files.

  • Accept all cookies
    -In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Settings and set it to "Accept All Cookies."

  • Turn off Pop-Up Blocking

Now on to the offer it self:

-Browse through the list of offers and click on an offer that interests you.

-Remember to look at the Terms of Service Agreement to find out how much the offer costs (if it has a cost), what the offer entails, how long the trial period is (if applicable), and how to contact customer service (in case you have problems with the offer, such as never receiving the product).

-Name, email, and address should all be the same because this information is matched against the information you used to sign up with the freebie site. Also, this is where the advertising companies will be shipping your product!

-Save and/or print a copy of your confirmation code/page.
-Once the offer is complete, you will often see a "Thank you" or "Confirmation of Order" page containing an order number or confirmation code. Keep this, as you may need it later.

Get Free Playstation 3 Refer Friends/Family

  • Friends/family
    They might be hesitant but show them all the proof that's out there!
    -Personally, they account for at least half of my referrals

  • Create a Blog :)
    Very popular at the moment and only takes a little bit of coding to get done.

  • Anywhere
    The sky is the limit, but remember not to spam your link across the internet where it is inappropriate.

  • Confused? Still Dont Believe its Possible?


    Go to our
    Freebie Info page for proof and testimonials!

Get Free Playstation 3 What not to do:

-Have more than one referral from the same household
-Sign up for an offer more than once
-Use fraudulent information
-Do anything that seems illegal :)

Get Free Playstation 3 Definitions you might want to know about in the "freebie" world:

-Going Green:
Green means you have completed an offer, or the site credit requirements, and have been credited for doing so.
-Yellow Status:
Yellow means you signed up for a site but haven't completed an offer yet.
These are the trials and products that the incentive sites want you to try out

-- Good luck on getting your Free Playstation 3--